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Here are some actual anonymous praises about Eddie Vertigo from his peers, printed exactly as they were given, grammatical errors and all.


"Eddie is excited about the assignments and provides input so it seems from a person that has played online games."


"He is an idea guy and I like how he thinks and his humor and enthusiasm are infectious. He, as always is a joy to work with."


"Edward absolutely blew me away by his presentation and showed his leadership skills through the week and performed in the best spirit of the project"


"I was very impressed with Ed's ability as a leader during this episode. Although he has stated that he initially wanted to study video game production, he made a fine performance as a manager."


"Found that Edward had a great knowledge of the material covered, and showed great presentation skills"

"Eddie also did a good job and contributed some information for the vision and mission statement that I wouldn't have thought of."


"Excellent leadership demonstration, shows positive regard for teammates and fellow leaders, Great presentation wrap up"


"Eddie did a great job and provided a wealth of information for the whole group."


"Lead his group, other team members, and the week very well. Presented well and knew what direction we were headed."

"This man is a pure joy to work for...He always uses his imagination, which is the seed from which great thing grow"


"Eddie has clear leadership ability, more than I think he knows"